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DTE Energy (formerly Detroit Edison until 1996) is a Detroit-based diversified energy company involved in the development and management of energy-related businesses and services in the United States and Canada. Its operating units include an electric utility serving 2.2 million customers and a natural gas utility serving 1.3 million customers in Michigan. The DTE Energy portfolio includes non-utility energy businesses focused on power and industrial projects, natural gas pipelines, gathering and storage, and energy marketing and trading. In 2016, DTE announced plans to reduce carbon emissions by 80 percent by 2050, but moved up that goal by a decade, pledging to reduce emissions by 80 percent by 2040. DTE will reduce carbon emissions by 50 percent by 2030. In 2019, DTE Electric Company announced a goal to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. As of 2018, 91.94% of DTE's electricity was generated from non-renewable sources.

A former employee who was involved in an accident shared this review, "A 2017, motor explosion caused my hospitalization for 5 months and triggered harassing, discriminating, retaliating, hostile and fraudulent actions towards me by management anytime I demanded a compensation and eventually firing me without health benefits because I wasn't a permamnent staff. This companyis evil."


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Current Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Staff and be rude and act as if they don’t want to help"

Current Employee - Senior Strategist says

"Overly bureaucratic and your direct supervisor completely controls your life, future with the company and compensation. Different business units rarely work together and when they do, they seek to throw each other under the bus. Unbelievable amount of administrative work and office politics. Absolutely stay away from this awful company that cares about the bottom line only and not its employees and customers."

Former Employee - Specialist says

"very political environment, promotions based on who you know, have seen many folks railroaded because they didn't fall in line behind management"

Former Employee - Manager says

"Nuclear generation is poor performer with respect to industry and not getting significantly better. Night and weekends are typical every week due to some unforeseen equipment or paperwork issue. They say it's getting better but it really isn't. They are burying things that will continue to haunt them for many years to come. Nuclear senior management is easily the worst I've worked for. Only care about production, NOT people or their work life balance. HR is silent and letting directors/VP run the place out of control. 401k is pathetic - you have to VEST before you get a dime from the company (greater than 3 years). They either don't make this available to new hires, or it's buried in the fine print."

Former Employee - Business Analyst says

"-Dozens of them like treat your juniors like slaves -Send them personal messages on phone out of Office Hours and ask them status of work I worked for 2 Years with DTE Envergy. For the first year I was with SAP Team everything was good. Then I was moved to DOIT(Distribution IT) Team and that is where I had very bad experience working with this individual at DTE Energy. There was lady who she said she was delivery lead with DOIT Team who would give the deliverable timeline without requirements. She would send me personal messages on the phone 7 AM in the morning and ask me to deliver 5 reports before 11 AM same day but for me problem was what are the reports? To be able to deliver something you need to know the requirements in first place which she never gave to me. Then she would shout on me in front of everyone as if I was her slave. Then the team members told me that before me she managed to trouble 3 more candidates prior to working with me and got them fired as well. She would ask me to stay late in the office because she would stay late and I would keep going to her in whole office time to just find out what are the reports requirement and she would tell verbally what needs to be done. Following day if I deliver what she told me the night before she would say "I never told you to do this" and then ask me to do it again with changes. One more colleauge was too fed up with her behavior and we didn't tell anyone because we were contractors. At one point of time it was kind of harrasment and I made up my mind to leave the job. Before leaving I told her Manager about her behavior I am not sure if Management has taken any action before it is too late. Lot of politics due to quiet a few asians trying to Manage project and they have ego issues and treat contractors unprofessionally. Even contract positions are hired not because he/she deserves it but because they are their relatives or they would ask contractors to pay them in cash out of their pay check."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Sexual harassment in certain locations was swept under the rug as well as many other things. The things said to me by people in management were unbelievable. If I were to post what was said to me on here it would probably get taken down that’s how bad it was. Not only were terrible things said to me, I also had to ask someone on many occasions to stop touching me."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Very poor senior leadership; way too political and lazy! The company and CEO takes pride in telling investors that it "tensions" its employees. This is code for "we load people up with work and maximize what we get from them until they are on the edge - or tensioned" I was disgusted the first time I heard him say this. That was the day I knew I had to leave this company! Candidates beware! You will be forced to work on your own time without pay doing Public Safety duty during power outages. Nobody told me when I joined the company that I would have to basically be a police officer on the streets of Detroit when the power is out. Again, no pay for the many times a year this is required and a very dangerous job! With all the money DTE makes, they can afford the hire a battalion of officers to perform Public Safety every time there is a storm."

Current Employee - Field Service Representative says

"If you're not in the club or have a relative that is higher up ,you will never move up. Also if you are the best employee that they have and someone higher up doesn't like you to find a way to fire you over the smallest thing. Whatever you do, never leave the union."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Crap pay, no benefits, schedules were not flexible."

Former Employee - Financial Analyst says

"Legally protected complaints are crushed with an iron fist by HR and legal."

CSR (Former Employee) says

"If you're a call center professional look elsewhere. I cannot stress this enough. You will be overworked and underpaid and constantly blamed for things you aren't empowered to effect. This is only a good job for someone just starting out if they get out fast."

Sr. Data Scientist (Current Employee) says

"I have been working as a contractor for some time now and it is hard to be accepted here if your skin is not white. Full time employees have no liability and keep doing big blunders and there is no one to ask them but if you being a contractor do a tiny mistake such as putting up a meeting when the person is not fully available, you will get fired. Cons: Over staffed full time employees that do nothing and act busy"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I would not recommend working with this company. There were so many changes even the supervisors couldn't not keep up with the pace. On top of that, there were errors to the customers statement due to new billing program roll-out and upper management did not believe the CSRs when told about the errors."

Inbound appliance insurance REP (Former Employee) says

"mess with your pay and hours if management did not favor a person. management would shorten your breaks and lunches also. they would even prohibit water from being brought in. Cons: not enough time to relax before going back into a loud and overwhelming place."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Not for everyone if you dont like high call volumes and long days think twice before you decide to apply. hopefully they get better management because the call center sucks"

Exec. Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Very unlawful practices. No advancement. Management will prohibit if necessary. Beware! They are NOT who they portray themselves to be. Not a progressive company."

Deal Entry Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Terrible management. They work you like a dog. They provide lunch so you will work continuously. You get a large bonus after being there for one year. They often fire or "let go" employees in a humiliating way. Cons: Everything else"

Sales Rep (Former Employee) says

"It had nothing to offer me. I liked it at first and then I started to actually notice a lot of things that I did not like about the job so I decided to quit. Cons: It was commission based"

Customer Service Representative/Call Center (Current Employee) says

"You get yelled at at least 30 times a day by customers, the management is unfair to employees and the system (SAP) to help the customers doesn't work! It has so many errors and the management doesn't know how to fix it. The training they gave us, good luck with the job after that training nothing they say helps. This place is a last resort job. Unemployed and just can't find work, trust me not long after I got hired in I was looking for another job. And I know about half the people there are searching as well. Cons: almost everything here"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Overall decent place to work, great place to start entry level."

Customer Service Rep (Former Employee) says

"Worked there for two years. Got a pay cut, paid vacations/holiday/sick days taken away and half the pay union members got. New hires were coming in at more than experienced reps."

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Management is very rude"

Analyst (Former Employee) says

"DTE promotes a corporate culture of zero respect for contract employees. It expects the same frequently more productivity than from its own employee's but provides them little or no training on DTE processes or procedures so they can do their job. They got no paid days off or vacation because the contract vendor uses the steep hourly rate paid for the contractor for its profit and overhead.Thereis no overtime, you will end up working for freeto keep yourjob.Contractors get terminated on any whim of supervisor or manager. They are never considered for full time spots. Cons: Contactors are non people at DTE"

Customer Care Specialist (Former Employee) says

"* 18 months probation- no raise, could be fired at anytime"

Planner (Former Employee) says

"Once upon a time, this company managed to provide useful services to the communities which comprise its customer base while actually valuing its employees. Today, it is overburdened by multiple layers of management whose members perpetuate their own agendas and career paths by appropriating the contributions and accomplishments of lower level employees to buff up their own pedigrees. I had several managers and wannabe supervisors pilfer projects and ideas that resulted in millions of dollars in revenue while refusing to acknowledge the contributions of individuals. Engineers elect to pursue clerical work, finance people have job responsibilities that are not related to their backgrounds, and the marketing department in the gas division are staffed by people with no marketing expertise and are nothing more than glorified customer service reps. This skewed skill set / job positioning contributes to inefficiency and redundant work assignments; which in turn necessitates the subsidiaries' aggressive cost increases via annual rate hikes. Impossible to advance in the company using skill sets innovation or intellect; solely based on a archaic inbred corporate structure. Senior management's only means of showing company growth is to crawl to the Public Service Commission every year to self implement rate increases. Instead of rewarding ability, the company now elects to quantify key processes via one size fits all standard work instructions and process mappings to negate the need value employees appropriately. Engagement is frequently used by management as a catchphrase to stigmatize Cons: lack of recognition, throw them under the bus mentality"

Former Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Supervising operator for this company coming for the outside can expect to be put to the test to keep their job. They are disliked by other employees for taking jobs that they aren't qualified for according to the other employees...And can expect to be disiplined for mistakes or even fired. You can expect manitory overtime due to short staff and straight time pay for overtime. And don't expect any help in learning the job....Good Luck...you will need it. Cons: no pay raises...under pay for the stress..."

Senior I&C Planner (Former Employee) says

"Management is terrible! Pay is substandard. Used to work for them in 80’s, when I went back the whole philosophy had changed for the worse! Planning management was new, untested & unreliable. Bad experience all around. Plant needs major upgrade in management, not just Navy newbies, who don’t know what they don’t know? Cons: Pay, time off, promotion, no pension"

Telephone Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"The management team was very unprofessional, they show favoritism, they wrote you up for any little thing. They expected you to be on the phones at all times. They didn't want you to go to the bathroom. That was the worst job I ever had.The pay was to low."

Manger of Capital Projects (Former Employee) says

"No clear focus"

Facility tech (Former Employee) says

"Management didn't care about their employees, only about revenue. You are expected to be available 24/7 without compensation. All year long management dangled bonuses over the employees heads only to find loopholes to take them away."

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